Dog Bed Mattress Extender for Queen Beds – Elevated/Raised Foam Dog Bed – Dog Bed Extension of Human Mattress (8″ Height Dog Bed, White)


  • Foldable Extender Frame Sits 14″ Tall. Add Dog Bed Height to 14″ to get Total Standing Height
  • Customizable Elevated/ Raised Foam Dog Bed – Multiple Height and Color Options
  • Accessories (Sheets and Protectors) Made to Fit the Dog bed mattress Extender Available on Our Shop
  • Dog Bed and Extender Frame Are Made to Fit the Width of Your Queen Sized Bedding (About 60″). This Kit Will Extend Your Total Bedding By About 26″
  • Two Non Slip Material Patches Sewed to Bottom (about 12″ x 12″ each) to Provide Stability Between Dog Bed and Frame
  • Foam Quality: Medium Firm Polyurethane Foam – Cover: 100% Polyester

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The Outdoor Elevated Dog Bed Mattress Extender is a convenient way to extend your bedding to provide more sleeping room for you and your dogs. This kit will extend the length of your mattress and frame by approximately 26”, to give everyone a more comfortable sleep. This is done by adding a metal platform extender at the end of your bed. Sewed to the bottom of the dog bed is gripping material to provide stability between the dog bed and extender frame. This dog bed and metal platform extender is for animal use only. Accessories available, such as protectors and sheets, on my shop The Kit Includes: A foldable metal platform extender to attach to the end (or side) of your bed, dimensions given below. Sits 14” tall (Add 14″ to the desired height of your dog bed mattress to get the total height from the ground). A custom dog bed to fit on top of the extender and evenly fit your Queen Sized Mattress width. Foam Quality: Polyurethane foam, medium firmness Size of Dog Bed to fit the Extender Frame: Queen – About 25 ½” x 60” x (Your Desired Height)” Foam Cover: This is a cozy polyester cover, with multiple color options. Sewed to the bottom is 12″x12″ Slip Not material (2 for Queen Sized) Note: The frame is 14″ tall, add the height of the dog bed to get your total height. See my shop for more height options! Shipping: Everything will be shipped in two boxes. One will contain the dog bed roll packed, let sit for 24-48 hours to get its full form. The other box will contain the rest of the kit. Packages will be shipped within about 3-4 weeks of your purchase, as they are made to order. Packages may be received at different times. If you buy accessories with the kit, you may receive the accessories before the dog bed mattress extender.

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10" Height Dog Bed, 10"HeightDogBed, 12" Height Dog Bed, 12"HeightDogBed, 14" Height Dog Bed, 14"HeightDogBed, 6" Height Dog Bed, 6"HeightDogBed, 8" Height Dog Bed, 8"HeightDogBed


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