HACHIKITTY Dog Bed Soother Donut

The Donut Dog Bed is specially designed for dogs/cats who like to curl up. Longer and thicker shag vagan fur feels just like mom’s fur, providing our friends with a sense of security and providing them with a comfortable sleeping environment. Our friends can experience some anxiety in new situations and unfamiliar things. Thick vegan fur beds and restful sleep help them feel cozy warm, safe and healthy.

HACHIKITTY Dog Bed Soother Donut

This round bed for pets has a soft interior in a donut shape with warm fur and surrounding cushions to support our friend’s head and neck. The central round pad is freestanding and you can take it out as a day pad or whatever you like.

This donut bed for large dogs is stuffed with thick polyester filling. Give your pet joint and muscle pain relief. Make your dog feel better and get a good night’s sleep. The non-slip bottom secures the dog bed to the tile and hardwood floors of the house.

The central round cushion is independent of the donut dog bed, you can take it out as an everyday cushion or whatever you like. If you take it out in the summer, the bed won’t be as warm for our four-legged loved ones. Just use your imagination to use this dog bed.

HACHIKITTY Dog Bed Soother Donut

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